How to spot copper mines jobs in New Hampshire

NEW HAMPSHIRE, N.H. — The jobs at a New Hampshire copper mine aren’t all in the copper mines of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

They’re mostly in the mines of Bell Copper.

And they’re not all in Bell Copper’s copper mine in Bells Neck, Massachusetts.

Bell Copper’s Bells Nickel Mine, located in Bell Neck, has been around since the 1870s.

The Bells Copper Mine was built in the 1940s to produce copper and other metals for Bell Copper and its subsidiary companies.

The mine opened in the 1960s and has operated at least since 1970, according to the Bells County Historical Society.

The mill is a major employer in Bell County, but it’s the Bell Copper Mine that’s been the largest employer in the town of Bells.

Bell Copper is one of only a handful of mines in New England that has produced copper and has a permanent employment.

The Bells nickel mine in New Brunswick, New Jersey, was the largest nickel mine on the East Coast.

It produced approximately 7.5 million pounds of nickel in 2014, according a study by the National Nickel Association.

But its main source of nickel is its Bell Copper mine in nearby Bells Ridge, New Hampshire, according the Bell County Historical Association.

The main jobs at Bell Copper are in the Bell’s Nickel Mine.

There are about 6,000 jobs, including 1,200 at the Bell Nickel Mine and another 3,500 at the bell copper furnace, according John Bittel, the Bellcoil Mine’s director of marketing.

It’s a relatively large amount of jobs, Bittelson said.

There are also some jobs that are seasonal and require a long-term commitment, he said.

The copper mines are not the only ones with jobs.

There is a Bell Copper mill in Bemidji, Minnesota, as well as the Bell Copper Mine in Bellstown, New York.

And there are several other copper mines in Maine, including the Bell River Copper Mine, in the St. Johns River Valley, according The Maine Business Journal.

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