How a massive copper mine rescued by firefighters has made its way to Canada

A massive copper mining accident in central Australia has been brought to a close by firefighters and their equipment.

The blaze began about 1:00pm on Wednesday, with more than 150 firefighters battling a huge plume of black smoke and fire in the town of Copper Valley.

The fire started near the town’s train station, where the fire was started by a car travelling at speed, and quickly spread.

By the time firefighters arrived, the fire had spread to nearby buildings.

By Friday, about 60 firefighters had been deployed to the scene.

“It was very dramatic,” Chief Fire and Rescue Officer Mark McVeigh said.

“We were dealing with a large fire, we were dealing at a very high temperature and we had all sorts of equipment in place to protect our personnel and our equipment and to try and bring the fire under control.”

“We did it with a lot of bravery and the work that we did and the fire is gone.”

He said about 40 firefighters would continue to work at the scene, with a heavy emphasis on the firefighters’ rescue and recovery.

Mr McVeig said firefighters were working with the Bureau of Meteorology to determine the cause of the fire.

“Our primary concern is the safety of our personnel,” he said.

The Bureau of Fire and Emergency Management is now conducting a controlled burn in the area to see if there is any additional fire.

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