Why did it take so long for the Queensland government to acknowledge that Lend Lease is causing widespread pollution?

It was only a matter of time before the government was caught up in an environmental scandal.

The Lendlease coal-fired power station near Balcooma, east of Townsville, was shut down in 2012 after its operator found more than a dozen pollutants in the atmosphere and water.

The plant was expected to be replaced with new coal-burning plants, but the state government was not willing to commit money.

It was then revealed that Lending Lease had been polluting groundwater for decades, from the mine itself, through the nearby village of Lendlea, and even into nearby lakes.

In the end, the coal-powered power station and the nearby nearby village were left to die, while the LendLease mine was given a $1.3 billion federal bailout.

The Queensland government then approved the expansion of the LendingLease project, but was not aware of the long-term impact on the environment.

Since then, there have been other allegations of environmental damage at the Lendra coal-mining complex.

The mine was built with coal-fueled coal, which can be contaminated with mercury.

The project was originally set to generate about 200 megawatts, but it was later cancelled.

The state’s Environment Protection Authority (EPA) investigated and found there were serious environmental concerns.

In February 2017, the EPA said that the Lender’s coal power plant, in the town of Lendra, had become contaminated with more than 50 times the recommended safe levels of mercury, arsenic and other metals.

The agency also found a leak of coal fuel into the Lendon Creek, the main drainage of the site.

The EPA said it was not the first time Lendra had received mercury contamination.

At least 13 people were injured when the coal power station’s leaking pipe collapsed in August 2016, causing the evacuation of nearby homes and businesses.

The power station itself had also been leaking, causing massive air pollution.

“It’s an ongoing issue,” EPA spokeswoman Emily Macdonald said.

“The mine is currently being monitored by the EPA and the EPA is looking at it as a potential hazard to other areas of the mine.”

Since the incident, more than 100 people have been issued with air pollution fines and fines for air pollution violations, with the EPA warning that they could face fines of up to $5,000 each if they are found to have caused the pollution.

It also said that more than 40 people had been fined for not wearing masks while working at the site and for failing to comply with health and safety regulations.

A month later, in May, the state’s Department of Environment and Heritage said the coal mine’s safety record was “poor”.

It said there had been a number of incidents with dust that had not been detected until it was discovered that Lendra was operating at a high level of pollution.

The mines’ chief executive, Richard Kappel, told the ABC’s 7.30 program that he believed the mine was now at risk of an incident, but added that there was no way of knowing whether the air pollution had caused the incidents or not.

Meanwhile, more residents have been forced to leave their homes and the mine is now closed to all but the most dedicated miners.

Kappel said the mine’s owner was not taking any responsibility, and he would be working with other owners to address the situation.

While the government has denied that the coal plant had been causing environmental damage, there are some questions about the company’s compliance with its pollution regulations.

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