How to mine ancient copper mine in Cambodia

The ancient copper mining project at Antofagasa, a village in the central province of Phnom Penh, is an important part of Cambodia’s copper infrastructure.

The village is one of only three mining complexes in the country.

This has prompted protests from locals who say the mine will ruin the landscape and destroy their ancestral traditions.

The project is the subject of a global lawsuit, and environmental activists are demanding compensation for the destruction.

The mine, which is a joint venture between Chinese and Cambodian firms, was supposed to last for 50 years.

But in August 2017, a court ruled the mine’s lifespan was short.

According to the ruling, the project had already been cancelled in late 2015 due to environmental problems.

In December 2017, Phnom PoK government announced that the mine would be reopened, and the environmental impact report was released.

In the report, environmental groups say the village’s copper-rich soil and ground water are unfit for mining.

They claim the village has been contaminated by the mining activity for several years, and that the mines will pollute the environment and wildlife.

The court also rejected the villagers’ claims of a long-term health risk.

This is the third lawsuit against the mine in recent months, according to the environmental groups.

In August 2017 the village was given three years to address environmental problems and pay compensation.

After more than two years, the court ruled that the villagers will not be compensated.

The ruling comes at a critical time for the project, as it faces renewed opposition from locals and international companies.

The environmental group, Pham Dinh, and two local NGOs are fighting for compensation, and a court has ruled the government must pay.

The lawsuit is one in a long line of lawsuits that have been filed against the project by Phnom Saman and Cambodians in the past decade.

According the environmental group Pham Saman, the mine has been closed for over five years.

The mines work at a depth of 200 meters, and water levels are so low that it takes about one day to get through.

The local community’s demands to reopen the mine have been met by a court ruling in September.

In May, a Phnom Teoc, Phong Tan district court ruled in favor of Pham Chan, a Cambodian environmental activist, who was awarded compensation after the environmental impacts assessment for the mine was rejected.

In November, a federal court awarded the Phnom Chan government an additional $20 million in damages, including $2 million for environmental damage.

The government also announced that it will pay $3 million for damage caused by the mine.

The Phnom Kieu district court also upheld the environmental assessment, and ordered the government to pay $1 million for damages.

In February 2018, Phom Thoak District Court ruled that Phom Kieu, the provincial government, will pay about $3.6 million in compensation to Pham Teoc after it rejected the environmental assessments.

Pham Thoaks justice minister, Muthorn Phumvong, announced in January that the court will consider the plaintiffs’ request to reopen Antofas project.

Phnom Khmer is the most popular province in Cambodia, with the province having the highest number of companies in the world, according the World Bank.

The country is known for its high-speed rail system, and construction of the railway is scheduled to begin in 2018.

In 2017, construction began on a high-capacity rail system that would link Phnom Sihanouk to Phnom Pok, the capital.

The railway will link Phnies and Phnom Tho.

The rail line is expected to make Phnom Phnom Sarai the world’s third-fastest railway, after the Paris-Toulouse-Paris-Beijing rail network.

The new high-voltage rail line will connect Phnom Siem Reap and Phnamsarai, according local media reports.

The High Speed Rail (HSR) will connect a total of six cities in the province: Phnom Chhnung, Phnimsarai (Chiang Rai), Phnom Ngan, Phanmu, Phang Nga, and Phanmok.

Construction of the HSR is expected start in 2021, and it is expected that construction of Phnam Kieu and Phnam Tho is slated for the same year.

Construction on the HSV is expected in 2024, according reports.

It is expected the HS line will be connected to Phnomsarai by 2025, with Phnom Kiang to Phnam Ngan by 2021.

Construction began in 2018 and it will be operational by 2020.

The HS line has been proposed by the Chinese government to connect Phnicksarai and Phang Nam to the city of Phanam, which has been designated as a priority area by the US, according China’s State Council.

The Chinese government also plans to construct a high speed rail line from Phnom Maung

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