What’s the truth about the uranium mines in Iran and why is the US not taking any action?

In May, US Secretary of State John Kerry visited Iran to negotiate the countrys accession to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The talks, which have since collapsed, have been followed by months of intense lobbying by the US and its European allies, in particular, Germany and France, to get the nuclear deal signed.

The deal is currently under negotiation between the six permanent members of the UN Security Council and Iran.

Despite all of this, the US is still refusing to provide a formal response to the UNSC and the EU.

The US is also refusing to comply with the nuclear agreement, which calls for Iran to provide certain information about its uranium enrichment activities to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

It is this refusal to comply that has triggered the most recent round of protests against the US.

The latest protest was sparked by a petition against the deal signed by more than 25,000 people in Germany on Tuesday.

“In the US, the government and the media claim that the US government is still not giving us all the information we are seeking,” the petition reads.

“The US government has been lying to us since 2009.

They are lying about the status of the negotiations, the nuclear negotiations, and the nuclear programme.”

The petition has since been taken down, and a spokesperson for the US embassy in Berlin has said the US will “take a position on the nuclear talks and its implications”.

The government of President Donald Trump has responded by claiming that the protests have been “misconstrued”.

“The government of Iran has done a great job in negotiating the nuclear accord, but unfortunately they have not yet provided us with the information and documents we need to make our decision,” Trump said on Tuesday during a speech in Saudi Arabia.

The government in Tehran has consistently been trying to make the US understand its position on Iran’s nuclear programme.

“We are in negotiations with the US for more than two years and we have repeatedly received the US statements on the status and activities of our nuclear program.

We are waiting for a formal reply from the US,” Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said in January.

“It is an open secret that we do not have information on the current nuclear programme in Iran.

We have received information from the American side, and we are waiting on a formal reaction from the government of the US.”

The US has repeatedly said that it will comply with any agreement it is forced to sign, and has repeatedly defended its nuclear deal with Iran, saying it is in the best interests of the world.

However, the latest protests are not the first time the US has tried to block a US-Iran agreement.

In January, the Trump administration said it would block the implementation of a UN Security council resolution on Iran, citing its “unacceptable” stance.

The resolution called on Iran to stop its nuclear activities and said any nuclear agreement with Iran would violate UN resolutions.

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