What’s next for Wales copper mining?

In an interview with Welsh television, Mr Davies said he was “absolutely sure” the company would be allowed to resume production of its Welsh copper mines by the end of next year.

The Welsh Government is also set to review the industry’s licence and will issue an environmental impact statement to the industry by the beginning of next month.

“We will have to do a review of our licence, we will have a review by the Welsh Government,” Mr Davies told BBC Wales.

“That review will look at whether or not it should be renewed, whether or so-called environmental considerations were brought to bear on the licence renewal.”

The Welsh government is currently considering the future of the copper industry, with a decision expected in the next few months.

“There’s a process that we’re doing now,” Welsh Government environment minister, Richard Harrington, said.

“It’s quite lengthy, it’s quite a complex process and it involves all the parties involved.”

The Government has also promised to make further changes to the licence process and said the industry had not yet received the final environmental impact assessment.

“The licence renewal process is going to be an ongoing process, we’re not going to take a decision on it until the last week of October, so we’re going to wait and see how the process plays out,” Mr Harrington said.

Welsh Government officials have been involved in a number of regulatory reviews and regulatory changes in the past few years, with changes to water quality, water charges, and the use of pesticides being the biggest of these.

Welsh mining company Paddy’s Cattle Company is currently in the process of selling its copper mining business to Chinese company Pheasant Group for $1.7 billion, and will then start work on a $5.5 billion copper mine near the town of Carmarthen.

Pheamed will be the first Welsh copper mine in history.

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