The Copper Mines of OKiep Copper mine, located in Oregon, has become a haven for illegal drug users

A group of miners from the Okiep Co., a copper mine in Oregon that recently closed, is under federal investigation for using their mine as a hub for illegal drugs and prostitution.

The Okieps, according to local news, are “under federal investigation and have agreed to cooperate with the federal authorities.”

The local ABC affiliate reported that the investigation began in May when the miners from Okiepa Copper Mines, located just outside of Eugene, were arrested on charges of drug trafficking and prostitution, as well as trafficking drugs.

According to the Oregonian, the Okies were also accused of operating a brothel, which is prohibited by state law.

The miners were also allegedly found to be using their mines as a dumping ground for drugs.

As the ABC affiliate explains, “In interviews with local law enforcement, the miners said they used their mining operation to facilitate drug trafficking, and they said they would sell marijuana and other drugs to customers on the property.

Prosecutors allege that several of the miners, including the current president of the mine, are part of an illegal drug trafficking ring that is known to have operated out of the mines and that some of the women and girls are the daughters of illegal drug dealers.

Prosecutors also say they believe the men and women are members of a group known as the “Korean Connection,” which has operated out in the area for decades.

The report says that investigators believe the miners “used the mining operation as a home away from home.”

The miners, according the news station, “said they would pay their customers for the drugs and other contraband they sold.”

Kate Brown said in a statement released on Monday. “

We will not rest until our criminal justice system is held accountable for the crimes of this group,” Oregon Gov.

Kate Brown said in a statement released on Monday.

Brown, who was previously appointed by Trump to head the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics, said that the governor would support an investigation into the allegations.

“I applaud the Okio mines and will support their efforts,” Brown said.

“We have been committed to protecting Oregon’s families and businesses from this type of exploitation, and I hope that the Oregon Department of Justice will work with them to bring the individuals responsible to justice.”

It’s not clear how many illegal drugs the miners have been caught selling, or whether the state has even made an arrest in the investigation.

But the investigation does suggest that the Okios are not the only mining operations that operate with criminal activity at the heart of their operation.

A report published in January by the nonprofit Investigative Project on Terrorism found that the largest mining operation in the country was owned by the family of John Podesta, a Clinton confidante who was the White House counselor at the time of his death.

The mining company’s chief executive, John W. Koval, was convicted in 2016 of accepting $10 million in bribes to secure lucrative contracts with the Russian government.

The investigation found that Koval and his family also allegedly funneled money from the Russian state-owned Rosneft oil company through his family’s company.

In addition, investigators found that “the Koval family also provided cash and goods to the notorious Russian drug kingpin Arkady Dvorkovich and his Russian criminal syndicate.”

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