How China’s copper boom is driving the world economy

With the Chinese government planning to triple the country’s output of copper and nickel, one question is likely to be raised: Why is this a good idea?

Canada’s copper mines are the world’s most productive, with more than 6 billion tonnes produced last year.

But the boom has taken on an even greater importance for Canada’s economy as a whole.

Since the mid-1990s, when China became the world leader in copper mining, the country has overtaken Japan as the world lead producer of nickel and copper.

The United States, too, has a big share of the Chinese market.

But in recent years, as the economy has slowed, Canada has emerged as the leading copper producer in the world.

The Chinese government says it needs to increase production because of a booming copper market and an economic slowdown in the rest of the world, and has sought to diversify its domestic copper mining resources.

Canada’s largest copper mine is located in the province of B.C., but its production is expected to double by 2020.

The country’s top export, which accounts for roughly one-fifth of its total output, is copper from China’s mines in northern Yunnan, a key part of its global economic base.

Its copper mines also supply Canada with about half its nickel and about a quarter of its copper.

Canada is the world top copper producer, with about 2.2 billion tonnes of the material coming from its mines.

But its exports have fallen over the past few years, falling to about 2 million tonnes last year from more than 7 million tonnes in 2010.

The B.L.C. mines are not the only ones that have fallen behind.

In the U.S., Mexico, Brazil and Russia are among the world leaders in copper production, and in Mexico, China’s vast copper mines account for nearly two-thirds of its output.

But the U and U.K. are the only countries in the top 10 producers of nickel, copper and zinc.

Canada has also struggled to meet its ambitious greenhouse gas emissions goals set out in the Paris climate accord.

China, which has a greenhouse gas index that ranks the nation first among the nations, is the only major country in the G20 to meet all its emissions targets, including its target to cut greenhouse gas output by 28 per cent by 2030.

Its coal-fired power plants and the use of coal in vehicles have been blamed for the slowdown in global warming.

But China has also announced plans to cut emissions and has announced that it will double coal output to help meet its commitments.

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