‘Abandoned mine’ buried in the Philippines – Associated Press

Abandoned mines that are now buried beneath a mountainous mountain are no more, with the Philippines government saying it has no choice but to let them fall to the ground.

In a news conference Wednesday, the Philippine National Police (PNP) said it has decided to bury the abandoned mines because of the lack of natural resources around them.

The mines were buried in a mountainous region near Mombasa, the capital of the southern Philippines province of Basilan, where there are no roads, highways or power lines, said police official Eduardo Palacio.

Authorities are trying to locate the mines in hopes of finding mineral resources.

The mine buried by the Philippine government was one of a series of abandoned mines that were discovered by a group of archaeologists working on the Mombas Plateau.

They said the abandoned mine had a water pipe that ran from the mountainside to the sea.

The abandoned mines were located at a height of around 2,000 meters (8,300 feet).

The discovery prompted the government to establish a national monument to the area, Palacio said.

The country has a history of abandonment.

The area is home to around 30 million people, mostly of ethnic Chinese.

The last mining boom began in the 1950s when the Philippines built a large copper mine that is now buried.

The government later decided to build a highway connecting the mines to nearby cities, which were built without any government support.

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