‘Worst mining disaster’ in Australian history: coroner’s report

On Monday, the Coroner for Victoria reported that the Copper Mine Disaster in the Kimberley was the worst mining disaster in Australian national history, killing at least 200 people.

Victoria Police have also released the following statement: The Department of Emergency Services has made a number of recommendations to enhance the response to this tragedy, which have included enhancing the visibility and monitoring of mine safety equipment, the installation of additional mine rescue equipment, and the deployment of additional police officers and a new mine rescue team.

In addition, the Department has also made a further recommendation to enhance community awareness of the potential impacts of mining on local communities.

The following list is a brief summary of the recommendations made by the Victorian Government and the Victoria Police:A $5 million donation to the Kimberly community, with the intention of supporting the Kimberleys community and helping them recover and rebuild.

A $50,000 donation to help local businesses recover and re-establish their businesses.

The Commonwealth has agreed to contribute $1.5 million to help pay for the Kimberlys recovery and reestablishment.

An additional $50 million will be allocated for the Victoria police’s Kimberley Mine Rescue Team, and $50 per cent of the funds will be given to Kimberley’s local community.

A $10 million donation will be made by Western Australia to the Commonwealth to help the Kimberries recovery and rebuild, including to pay for a new police officer.

The Kimberley National Park Authority will also contribute $100,000 for the recovery of any Kimberleys local community that was affected by the mine disaster.

The Federal Government will also provide $100 million to the Government of Victoria, and WA Government will provide $50 to $50 of the money to the Victoria Mining Safety Authority.

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