What’s happening to the copper mine in Oregon?

A new report by Axios lays out the state of the American copper mines as it relates to climate change, and it’s a sobering one for anyone who has ever experienced the ravages of climate change.

The report found that the current copper mine at Bcl copper is the most carbon intensive of all mines in the country, emitting the most greenhouse gas emissions per unit of production.

The Bcl mine has been shuttered since 2014 and is the second-largest in the state.

According to the report, the Bcl mining operation emits about 3.8 tons of CO2 per ton of copper mined, a figure that is more than double the amount of CO02 produced by any other mine in the U.S.

The Bcl facility, according to the Axios analysis, is one of the largest copper mines in New England, with a capacity of about 5,600 tons per year.

It’s also the largest in the Northwest, with about 1,400 tons per week of output.

The report found there are about 5.4 million tons of copper in the United States, and the BCL mine alone is estimated to account for about 5 percent of that.

The number of Bcl workers who are on the job has declined from 1,000 in 2007 to about 600 in 2016, and some have been laid off from the mine.

But the company is still hiring, and according to its website, the company expects to add an additional 1,500 workers this year.

“As the world continues to adapt to climate changes, it is critical that our nation’s leaders take climate change seriously and ensure that all coal mining, mining, and refining operations are powered by the cleanest sources of energy possible,” the company wrote in a statement.

“The future of our nation depends on our commitment to making sure that coal is not used to power the future of climate, and that the American people are safe and secure from climate impacts.”

The state’s copper mines are also the most polluting in the nation, and more carbon emissions per dollar of production than any other mines in Oregon.

The state’s coal plants account for roughly a third of all U.N. greenhouse gas emission.

The coal industry produces about 2.8 million tons per day in the Oregon economy, and about 1.6 million tons in total.

According the report’s findings, Bcl has the second highest carbon emissions from coal in the entire U.K. At the same time, the state has been building more coal-fired power plants.

It is estimated that the BCl plant has an emissions impact of more than 1,700 tons of carbon per year, while the UMW coal plant produces just under 1,100 tons.

The impact of climate pollution on the B.C. copper industry is also troubling, as the province is currently building the world’s largest coal mine in Lismore, New South Wales.

In addition to the B Cl mine, Lismor is also building two new coal-burning power plants that are expected to produce more than a million tons a year of CO 2 per unit.

The company that owns Bcl said it’s committed to a 100 percent renewable energy portfolio and plans to replace the entire coal fleet at the mine by 2030.

But there is no plan to replace B Cl or B Cl West, the coal plant that currently produces about half of B Cl’s total emissions.

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