How to get a modern-day gold mine in the Balkans

The Balkan countries have been on the brink of a devastating global economic meltdown.

They were in the midst of the Great Recession.

They now face the prospect of another one.

But their prospects are not as dire as they once were.

In fact, there is a new boom brewing on the horizon.

The gold rush has come to the Balkans The Balkan mining industry was once a small industry, but the new boom is booming, according to experts.

It is a booming business.

As of the end of February, the Balkan Copper Mines, the country’s biggest, has produced over 3.4 million tonnes of gold and silver ore, which is worth an estimated $20 billion.

The region’s total gold and precious metal reserves are estimated to be at least $6.5 billion.

The mines are owned by a company called Balkan Gold Ltd.

The company is based in the western Balkan province of Gdansk, which lies near the Hungarian border.

Its director is an ethnic Albanian named Kosta Saric, who moved to the Balkans from Kosovo when he was a young man.

His father, who is a miner, died when Saric was still in the country, leaving him with his mother.

Saric’s mother died when he and his brother were children.

Since then, Saric has worked as a truck driver and is now a gold miner.

He and his brothers are also employed by the mines.

Saris, who was born in a village in Kosovo, said he first got involved in mining when he worked in a local mine.

He began selling metal scrap, and he sold scrap metal from mines in Albania and Kosovo, according to his family. 

Saris and his family started the company BalkanGold, which has been operating in the area since 2014.

He said the company is still struggling to get into the business.

He said the price of gold has risen from $300 to $600 per ounce, which he said is not the level it used to be.

“We had to increase the production and also we had to lower the prices,” Saric told Al Jazeera.

“We started to have problems with the company that was set up by my father,” he said.

“It was set to make money but now we have lost a lot of our earnings.”

Saris said he started to think about starting another mine, but that he did not know where to start.

Sarsi said the mines are also not in the hands of a single government, which means the government has to pay for its employees.

He did not have the money to pay his employees.

“The government does not provide the gold for us, so we have to go with the miners,” he told Aljazeera.

“So the government is not working.

They say it is a mine, it is not a mine.

There is no government.

We need a government that is working.”

Aljazeera asked the Balkany Gold to provide us with a list of its employees and if it is working.

The mining company did not respond.

In January, the government announced a $3.4 billion plan to improve the quality of the region’s mines.

The plan aims to improve their productivity, increase their output and boost their profits.

But Saric said that the new plan is not enough.

“If the government was really working, they would be doing all the projects and investing money, he said, adding that his father had been unable to work for some time due to his health problems.

Sariksi said that if the government did not help, his father would not be able to work any more.”

I am the only one in the family who can work and support myself,” he added.

Sakis told Al Jazeera that the government must also ensure that workers have health insurance, which the mines do not.”

There are many unemployed people in the mines, and many people die from cancer, and some die from heart attacks,” he explained.

The Balkans have also started to take steps to improve conditions at the mines in the last few years.

Saric says that the mines used to have a poor working environment, and that the Balkanian government has been trying to improve that.

Saristos told AlJazeera that some mines had been reopened, but Saric and his company have not been allowed to work there.”

This is a huge problem.

We are not allowed to go there and mine.

We have to come here and work,” he stressed.

Al Jazeera contacted Balkan and Greek officials for comment, but they did not immediately respond.

The country’s mining sector was once largely independent.

But, with the rise of multinationals in the 1980s, the state stepped in to make it more profitable for miners.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Balkanas mines have been hit hard by the global economic downturn, with unemployment soaring. Alj

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