Copper strip mine to be developed near Nkana in the south

Copper strip mines are being developed near the South’s capital, Nkantan, after a government announcement. 

The copper strip mines were first proposed by the state government to the state’s Mining Advisory Council (MAC) in 2013, but the development was postponed due to the South African economy’s sluggish growth.

The copper mines are located in the KwaZulu-Natal region and are set to be built by the South Africa-based South African Minerals and Metals Limited (SAMS).

The mines are expected to employ 3,000 people and will be located near the city of Nkunda.

The mines will also employ up to 50 workers per mine and employ up 100 permanent staff.

The mining companies have been awarded a total of 463 hectares of land in the area, which is currently under the jurisdiction of the South Australian Mines and Metres Commission.

The new mines will employ about 1,000 workers and employ at least 50 permanent staff, which would bring the total number of permanent staff in the project to approximately 4,000.

Currently, about 40 per cent of the mine is operated by the SA Government, but it will be phased out by 2020.

The mines will be funded by a concessional loan from the state-owned company SAMS, and it is hoped that the mines will help South Africa’s economy in the years to come.

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