Chile copper mine operator suspended after video of worker allegedly threatening customers

Chile’s copper mine operators suspended Friday after the video emerged of a worker allegedly yelling at customers to leave.

The worker, identified by the Chile National Mining Association as Manuel Pineda, was fired after he posted the video to Facebook, Chile’s state-run news agency said.

Pineda was suspended after being caught on camera on Thursday complaining about a woman who was angry that he was leaving the mining operation, the agency said, without providing details.

The video was filmed on a day when copper prices are at their highest in several years, the news agency reported.

Pressed by a customer who was demanding more money, Pinedas reportedly asked: “Why is the price of copper so high?”

The woman said she had no money and demanded more money.

“I am here because I have the money,” Pinedan reportedly responded.

The man was apparently enraged by the remark.

“Why do you want more money?

What are you asking for?

What is your problem?” he reportedly yelled at the woman, who was visibly upset.

He was eventually escorted out of the mining area by workers, the newspaper reported.

A statement from the company in charge of Chile’s Peruvian copper industry, Chile Mining, said the employee had been suspended pending an investigation.

The Peruvian government, however, has denied the accusations, saying that the workers did not leave voluntarily.

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