When the copper mines closed, it was the end of the world

When the world’s biggest copper mines went bust in 2016, it came as a complete shock.

The industry’s demise coincided with a decline in demand for the metal, and the end to a period when the price of copper had been climbing.

The drop in global demand coincided with global political turmoil and economic turmoil, leading to a dramatic drop in the price and the demise of one of the industry’s major industries.

But the copper industry was never going to disappear entirely.

The price of gold, silver and platinum has continued to rise since then, and there is still a strong market for the raw material.

The copper mines that closed over the past decade had been profitable for years.

However, the industry has struggled to survive the years of uncertainty caused by global events.

That has made it difficult to keep mining operations open.

The world’s largest copper mines are located in Chile and Zambia, and both of those countries have experienced major political upheavals in recent years.

The two countries are home to some of the most powerful mining companies in the world, with large reserves of copper and a number of other precious metals.

But they are also major economic centres and have become targets of social unrest and corruption.

The situation in both countries has seen the closure of dozens of mines, including the one in the northern Chilean province of Sibiu, where mining giant Te Papa Resources was once based.

Since then, Te Papa has taken the decision to close its operations in Sibu.

The mine closed because the economic situation was not sustainable.

According to local news outlet El Mundo, the company said it would close the mine in order to reduce the impact of the recent political unrest.

It was only last year that the Sibuan government announced a series of measures that included the introduction of a new mining policy and a moratorium on the export of copper.

The move was seen as a response to the political turmoil in Chile, and sparked protests in the region.

As a result, more than 60 people have been arrested in recent weeks, with one of those arrested on Thursday protesting the closure.

The protest in Siauliai was organised by the People’s Republic of Siaudia (PRS), a political party that has been linked to human rights abuses and corruption scandals in the country.

The mining firm said it was unable to respond to questions from El Munde about the protest.

However the company has also been criticised for failing to invest in the mining infrastructure needed to keep the mines operating.

Many of the people who protested were students, who often used to walk to work in the mine, El Mundi reported.

A large majority of the protesters, however, were university students who were protesting against the closure to increase the local economy and raise awareness about mining companies’ poor economic performance.

One of the main challenges faced by mining companies is that it has to deal with a lot of environmental impacts.

The country’s biggest mining company, Tequila, has also faced criticism from environmental groups and the public for its handling of mining and other environmental issues in Siacu, according to El Munda.

While the Siacucan government has stated that the closure was the result of “environmental issues”, the company says it was forced to close because of environmental concerns.

It said that the company had no choice but to close the Siaudi mine due to environmental concerns that it had not managed in the past, El Prensa reported.

Tequila is also accused of corruption in relation to environmental issues.

In April this year, the Sihiraz mining company was accused of taking bribes from local authorities to ensure that its workers were paid for working on an area of land that had been declared a national park.

Tequilla, which is also based in the Sirocco area of Siacua, also faces accusations that it used bribes to obtain mining licences in the area, El Pais reported.

Environmental activists also expressed concerns about Tequila’s environmental record.

In 2016, the environmental watchdog OCA (Opinion of the World Conservation Association) criticised Tequila for the mining company’s “failure to address and mitigate risks to the environment”, the group said.

The organisation called on Tequila to “take urgent steps to ensure the sustainable use of its resources”.

Environmental groups and students have also criticised the closure as a way of “pushing the mine workers into a precarious situation”.

Some protesters said they were afraid of going to work, because of the risks that the mines would put them in.

According the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN), copper mining is one of seven mining industries that use toxic metals to extract precious metals, and these metals are extracted from rock.

The metals can cause serious health and environmental risks, and can contribute to climate change.

In 2015, a report from the IUCN found that copper mining could contribute to the world being exposed to up to 7.

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